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Measurement laboratory for electronic power supplies

Measurement laboratory for electronic power supplies

Comprehensive Quality Assessment of Power Supplies in the Amicus Measurement Laboratory

The Amicus Measurement Laboratory specialises in comprehensive quality assessment of power supplies. Our services include qualification and verification of new products, sampling of production batches and preparation of custom-made power supplies. We inspect our products to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

We use advanced measuring equipment from renowned manufacturers for testing. Power supplies are tested to ensure that their parameters meet specifications and that they meet the requirements of safety, electromagnetic compatibility, ecodesign and environmental standards. We offer a wide range of electrical tests, including electrical safety tests, as well as assistance and advice from our qualified and experienced staff.

We compare power supplies of different brands and types up to 500W, producing detailed reports on their compatibility. Below is the range of measurements carried out:

Electrical Measurements:

  • Determination of the input voltage range
  • Output voltage measurement
  • Thresholds for activation and operation of security features
  • Ripple voltages
  • Determination of the output characteristics of power supplies
  • Measurement of power factor, standby power and efficiency

Safety and Environmental Measurements:

    • Measurements of the power supply in a climatic chamber at elevated ambient temperature
    • Measuring the temperature distribution of components during operation with a thermal imaging camera
    • Tests of electrical strength up to 5 kVAC, leakage current and insulation resistance

Electromagnetic Compatibility Measurements:

      • Verification of conducted and radiated emissions

The Amicus Measurement Laboratory is a guarantee of reliable and professional quality testing of power supplies. We make sure that each product meets the highest standards, thus ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our customers.